Our Artist Training Facility offers several ways of learning. We teach all ages of students from elementary, to adult learners! We offer home education art enrollment, and we offer classes in the studio. We focus in art education to home school students and enrichment opportunities for those that love art! Lastly we offer professional art business programs for artist that want to begin an art related business. 

The Colored Palette is an extension of the official art studio of Terina Gillette. Students can take art educational classes and clinics in traditional mediums, but they can also take official classes for theatrical face painting, and performance based classes. The art academy classes and business classes that are offered by the studio do meet educational standards. 

  1. Ind├ępendant Classes: Ind├ępendant one on one hour long private instruction can be blocked off for you. Independent classes are for just you or whoever that you want to bring with you to class. Each person must pay a fee to be in the class. Offered in many mediums. Please see the store. 
  2. Group Classes: Group Classes are taught at various venues and include a variety of subjects from skills, to design work.  Please see the store to sign up. 
  3. Techniques and basics classes: This is a 4 hour class dedicated to teaching all the basic techniques that each artist needs to know to do amazing paintings. Taught in a variety of mediums from pencil, to canvas, to face paint!
  4. Professional level classes: If you are already a pro painter or if you have completed your basic training then pro level classes will help you keep your designs fresh and show you new designs, techniques, and tips that match your skill level. Classes are usually 1 to 2 day clinics.  
  5. Business starter: Available for face painting and canvas workshop painting! A full week of hands on instruction! You can go start your own business!
  6. Business starter and products: You can opt to take the business starter package and add on all of the started supplies that you need to start generating your own income when the course is completed! This includes the hands on training and includes the training, the supplies, and one year of free membership to any special member buys! This is the perfect option for a person that wants to add onto an existing business or create a new business. 
  7. CPA Membership business benefits: If you have taken our business starter classes in either face painting, canvas paint alongs, art education, or caricatures; then you are able to become a CPA member. Membership takes the place of buying into expensive franchises. You get access to private training videos, and you get access to professional branding products to use in your business. You become part of a team with lots of resources and a network of other working artists such as yourself. There are only annual dues to be paid in order to keep your membership current. There are ZERO licensing fees, and there are ZERO royalties to be paid. CPA Membership grants you access to the private instruction videos and tutorials and gives you access to purchasing designs for your business to help it grow. It is better than a franchise because you are keeping all of the money that you make!
  8. Pro Business certification: This option is for business level professionals in an arts related field that has completed professional industry standards. Students that have completed the pro level courses and the required work hours will be able to present portfolios, and apply for the official exam. This certification is to ensure that artists are working within a professional industry standard in the disciplines chosen. A comprehensive, hands on exam is given. We do not accept every artist that applies to become certified we only accept artists that meet the standards of the board. This means that artists must meet specific regulatory industry regulations of sanitation, production, and professionalism for the chosen art discipline to be granted certification. You must prove that you are a professional artist that meets professional working regulations for the chosen art industry. If you have proven art industry experience, you many be able to submit for certification through a special process. Once the artist passes the exam then the artist is able to receive the certification and benefits of certified artists. You must email us directly for more information. One year of free CPA membership is granted to all those that pass the CPA exam. The certification is a one time process with the membership renewal being an optional yearly fee and benefits that include special discounts, and in 2016 insurance benefits. Please email to thecoloredpalette@gmail.com for more information on the arts related fields that may apply.