Terina Gillette: 

Gallery Owner and Professional Artist

Terina Gillette is a professional multi media artist. She and her husband own Royal Magic Events, which is a family entertainment business located in Knoxville, TN. Terina teaches art instruction from elementary ages to adults in a variety of mediums at her studio, and through a variety of co-ops and venues around the southeastern area of Tennessee. Her business provides professional event services to many notable businesses that are recognized globally. Her client list boasts of hundreds of professional business,organizations, and individuals. She has celebrity clientele and was also endorsed via Instagram by a notable international celebrity client. She is also an active community leader in her hometown. 

Over the past several years, Terina has instructed and mentored, several individuals that wanted to pursue their artistic passions and start their own businesses. Her Learn how to Face Paint Blog was created out of a desire to help other artists learn tips, tricks, and receive free education and direction in the professional field of face and body art.  She also has a you tube channel with free tutorials on important basic information about Face Painting. Click here for Terina's You Tube Channel 

Terina has over 26 years of business experience, and has worked teaching, writing, and directing in a myriad of disciplines in visual and theatrical arts. Visit her Linked In profile to see her education and business profile.