Welcome to our store!

Welcome to The Colored Palette! This store is a geared towards artists that want to make money from their art! We provide quality training and instruction, professional supplies, and business helps to anyone who wants to create art for fun or profit! We also produce a magazine for artists of all skill levels. 

We sell professional theatrical make up, sponges, and brushes. Choose from PDF books, design menus, contracts, marketing materials, and more! We are adding items weekly, and we are committed to helping you succeed at painting a brighter future! So, if you are interested in starting your own art related business, learning how to face paint, learning how to create in multi-mediums, caricatures, and more then this is the place for you!

We are a new store! But we have years of art experience. This store is created and staffed by working artists! 

Individualized Instruction

We offer easy to learn instruction and resources for all levels of the professional face painting industry. We also offer art supplies for a variety of mediums. We focus on visual and performing arts. 

Face Painting can be for fun or profit. We have taught all levels of artists from those wishing to offer simple fun at a church fundraiser, to those wanting to become business owners. Those that want to take the pro training series of classes will learn everything that they need in order to get started with their own painting business! 

We also offer resources for paint along party owners too! We offer patterns and training on how to start your own paint along canvas parties. Canvas parties are great for add ons to your face paint business, or as a stand alone business. The Colored Palette can help you paint your dreams into reality!

      Click here for Free Face Paint videos on setting up your make up kits 

Learn how to face paint for fun or profit!